Contribution to Programme Objectives


  1. To develop a portfolio of sustainable H2 production processes from carbon-free or lean energy sources.
  2. Special attention is given to the production of H2 from fluctuating sources. Various sustainable H2 production and supply chains must be demonstrated.
  3. R&D in innovative H2 production and supply chains from renewable energy sources have aim of having launched R&D proof-of-concept projects during for all production pathways identified as promising.


  1. Combined strategy of introduction of stepwise, carbon-free cycles for large-scale flexible H2 production plants, tailored for a specific site and investments required.
  2. Solar power as input balanced by a thermal storage integrated with new Outotec® Open Cycle and HyS. Some key solutions and the whole production cycles will be integrated and tailored.
  3. Sulphur-based cycles have been identified as the most promising. The SOL2HY2 will, for the first time, link new concepts with solar-driven power leading to the proof-of-concept and key systems demonstration.