Events 2014

EHEC 2014

Seville (Spain), 12th-14th March 2014

The European Hydrogen Energy Conference is the European reference framework for updates on hydrogen and fuel cell related technologies, and the best setting to present the advances in research, products and projects we are all developing in the sector.


SOL2HY2 concepts, in particular the H2 production in SO2-depolarized electrolyser, have been presented at EHEC 2014, the European Hydrogen Energy Conference that took place in Seville, Spain the 12th-14th March, 2014.

The conference was followed by around 200 attendees and the presentation has carried over by Dr. Annukka Santasalo Aarnio, of AALTO University.

Impact of SO2 crossover on H2 production in SO2-depolarized electrolyser