Events 2014

WHEC 2014

Korea, 15th-20th June 2014

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Dr. Martin Roeb, DLR, received the "WHEC AWARD 2014 for Exceptional Oral Presentation"

The WHEC (World Hydrogen Energy Conference) is probably with more than 1000 attendees world-wide the largest conference specifically dealing with hydrogen and related technologies. Martin Roeb represented the Sol2Hy2 consortium at this conference by giving a talk on process development related to the project and on the main parameters necessary to optimize to achieve high annual process efficiencies.
He rounded off his talk by giving an outlook on the solar plant set-up planned in SOL2HY2 for the months coming.

The oral presentation awarded was titled "Process Design and Engineering of the Solar Hybrid Sulphur Cycle". See below the abstract of the presentation.

Process Design and Engineering of the Solar Hybrid Sulphur Cycle

The other presentation was titled "Solar thermochemical production of hydrogen: Steady-state and dynamic modeling of a Hybrid-Sulfur Process coupled to a solar tower". See below the full presentation and the award.

Solar thermochemical production of hydrogen      Whec awards 2014

Dr. Martin Roeb (DLR) full presentation

ENEA presents a poster titled “Sulphur-based thermochemical water-splitting cycles for solar hydrogen production”.

Sulphur-based thermochemical water-splitting