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International Cae Conference 2014

Pacengo del Garda, Verona (Italy), 27th- 28th October 2014

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The International CAE Conference is the annual flagship event on Simulation based Engineering and Sciences and this year it took place in Pacengo del Garda (Verona, Italy) on October 27th and 28th.
A wide group of Scientists assisted to the live experiment performed by Prof. Michael Gasik (AALTO University, Helsinky). The experiment was a demonstration of chemically generated hydrogen reduction potential visualised by multiply color change sequence of the solution. It was demonstrated how active hydrogen bubbles interact with solution chemistry and change the oxidation state of the indicator to reflect the progress of the reaction.

At the 30th edition (see below) held in Verona 27th-28th October 2014 the SOL2HY2 live experiment on Hydrogen production performed by prof. Gasik catched a lot of audience attention.


















Eng. Nathalie Monnerie (DLR) presented “Towards a Demonstration of a Solar Powered Hybrid Sulfur Cycle”, the same presentation that awarded Dr. Martin Roeb at WHEC 2014, Corea.

Full presentation at link

 Dr. Luca Turchetti (ENEA) presented the following poster.

SOL2HY2 Solar to Hydrogen Hybrid Cycles