Events 2016

SOL2HY2 dissemination event: innovative solutions for direct hydrogen production from solar energy

21st November 6.30 p.m. , room "JENKINS" (ground floor), Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels


San Francisco (USA), 13th-18th November 2016

Rimini (Italy), 8th-11th November 2016

Parma (Italy), 17th-18th October 2016

SOL2HY2 has been presented to the International CAE Conference with several initiatives.

Abu Dhabi (UAE), 11th-14th October 2016

Cagliari (Italy), 06th-07th October 2016

Zaragoza (Spain), 13rd-16th June 2016

21th World Hydrogen Energy Conference

Helsinki (Finland), 20th-22th May 2016

SOL2HY2 has been presented at Millenium X event

Hannover Messe (Germany), 25th-29th April 2016

Dissemination and Promotion of SOL2HY2 project in H2FC Group Exhibition 2016

Foligno (Italy), 14th-17th April 2016

Luca Turchetti (ENEA) presented  "Un pieno di sole: stato dell’Arte e prospettive di sviluppo dei processi di produzione dei combustibili solari"

Tokyo (Japan), 2nd-4th March 2016

SOL2HY2 has been presented at 12th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition