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EnginSoft is a consulting company operating in the field of computer aided engineering, virtual prototyping and advanced simulation. Founded in 1984, EnginSoft has around 120 employees and 5 sites in Italy and partner offices in various parts of Europe and North America.
Fields of application include mechanics, fluid-dynamics, fast dynamics and crash, metallurgy, process simulation, porous media, environmental engineering, off-shore engineering, acoustic process integration and design optimization and, more generally, scientific IT targeted at the optimization of design and production processes.

Aalto Korkeakoulusäätiö (Aalto University Foundation), operating as Aalto University, has been formed 1.1.2010 by merging Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Helsinki School of Economics and University of Art and Design Helsinki. AALTO is a Finnish multidisciplinary university in the fields of science and technology, economics, architecture, and art and design. Currently, Aalto University participates in 111 FP7 projects, acting as coordinator in 29 of them. Aalto University presently holds 8 ERC grants. Since 1.1.2011, the University has been reorganised into six schools and now the materials processing group led by Prof. Michael Gasik belongs to Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Chemical Technology (Aalto CHEM).

Aalto is a member of the FCH JU Research Grouping.

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (German Aerospace Center, abbreviated DLR) has four future-oriented fields of research activities: aeronautics, space flight, transport research, and energy technology. DLR maintains 16 research sites in Germany, with the headquarters in Köln. The primary emphasis is on the development of innovative technologies in close co-operation with partners from science and industry.

The Institute of Solar Research has an experience of more than 20 years in both national and international co-operative RTD projects concerning the application of solar radiation.

DLR is a member of the FCH JU Research Grouping.

ENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Sustainable Economic Development - a public undertaking operating in the fields of energy, the environment and new technologies to support competitiveness and sustainable development. Nearly half of ENEA approximately 3200 employees are researchers and engineers operating in 10 research centres located across Italy. ENEA activities are in renewable and clean energies, new fuels, hydrogen and fuel cell technology, higher energy efficiency, development of environmentally-friendly products and processes, waste cycle, water treatment and CO2 capture.

ENEA is a member of the FCH JU Research Grouping.

Outotec Corporation develops and provides technology solutions for the sustainable use of Earth's natural resources. As the global leader in minerals and metals processing technology, Outotec has developed over decades several breakthrough technologies. Outotec's strong market position and technology leadership are based on the knowledge and experience derived from the operations of two major mining and metals companies: on the know-how based on the company's historic position as a part of the Outokumpu Group, particularly during the period when mining and metallurgy formed a key part of the operations of the Outokumpu Group and it spent substantial resources on creating related technologies, as well as on the know-how of former Lurgi Metallurgie GmbH, originating from Metallgesellschaft AG.
Outotec Research Centre in Pori, Finland, is one of two Outotec’s in-house research and product development centres and a part of Outotec (Finland) Oy. This facility focuses on mineral technology, metallurgical research (hydro/pyro­metal­lurgy and ferrous technology) and materials technology.

Erbicol SA was established in 1950 and employs now 40 persons. The core business is the manufacturing of extra hard materials like ruby for the watch industry, white sapphire disks, cylinders and pistons for micro-pumps, plates for scrapers, as well as micro-magnets in rare earth materials for the watch industry and other industries. For more than 10 years Erbicol is also active in the production of silicon infiltrated SiC foams.

Oy Woikoski AB is the oldest specialized gas producer and distributor in Finland, founded in a carbon-black factory in 1882. The family-owned company has evolved through various colourful and adventurous phases to become an important producer of various medical, technical, food-industry and specialty gases and a pioneer in the chemical industry. For example, Woikoski has started manufacturing hydrogen in Finland already in 1913.
All of Woikoski activities are based on gases, their production, development, applications and distribution to valued clients. Recently Woikoski has 13 own plants and offices, and over 170 agents throughout Finland. Woikoski exports products to other EU countries, especially Baltic states, and to Russia.

In January 2012 Woikoski opened the first hydrogen tanking station on the Polar Circle, in Rovaniemi, Lapland. It now allows Arctic Driving Center to start testing of hydrogen fuel cell cars in extreme conditions. Woikoski delivers hydrogen in 200 bar pressurised tanks and uses special compressing technology to support 700 bar tanking pressure.

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