Public Deliverables


  • D1.1
    Detailed concepts of the OOC, Sol-OOC and Sol-HyS plants
     en  797 Kb  
  • D2.3
    Consistent model for water and charge transport over MEA in SDE conditions
     en  538 Kb  
  • D2.4
    Results of testing of advanced SDE coatings and their selection
     en  1265 Kb  
  • D4.8
    Selected STH/STE concept
     en  2327 Kb  
  • D5.10
    Selection of BOP components and interfaces for plant integration
     en  1568 Kb  
  • D8.13
    Opening of public and private ver-sion of the SOL2HY2 project web-site
     en  926 Kb  
  • D3.6
    D3.6 Stability test of catalyst for SAC
     en  2894 Kb