Some of our training initiatives

Millenium X 2016

Ing. Alejandro Guerra
Solare Komponenten (Solar Components)

RWTH Aachen University prof. dr. Bernhard Hoffschmidt, Winter Semesters 2014-2016

Ing. Alejandro Guerra
Solare Systeme (Solar systems)

RWTH Aachen University prof. dr. Robert Pitz-Paal, Summer Semesters 2014-2016

Dr. Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio
Erikoismateri aaliratkaisut (Material solutions)

Aalto University prof. M. Gasik, Spring 2015

Dr. Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio
Materials for Renewable Energy

Aalto University prof. M. Gasik, Spring 2015

Seminars and workshops

Public workshop on simulation with the HSC Chemistry software and public SOL2HY2 seminar

Rome (Italy), 15th-16th January 2015

Seminar notice


Innovation through the application of otpimization techniques

Verona (Italy), 10th April 2015


Outotec "HSC Chemistry 8 Training"

Pori (Finland), 8th-9th June 2015


Zero Emission transport on road

Helsinki (Finland), 14th October 2015


L'idrogeno come vettore energetico "verde": una panoramica sui processi di produzione di idrogeno tramite energia solare termica attraverso le attività di ricerca di ENEA sui combustibili solari

Roma (Italy), March 2016

Concentrated Solar Thermal and Solar Chemistry Technologies

Athens (Greece), 27th May 2016



Hydrogen for Transport

Helsinki (Finland), 17th August 2016